SmarterEveryDay – New YouTube channel to subscribe to

I’ve watched two videos made by these guys and I think it’s worth keeping an eye on it. Good quality videos and interesting topics baked up by clear explanations.

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Old and new

ToxicGoldLogoI’ve recently helped launching a new blog: Roșia Montană International Hub. It is an attempt to offer the international community a first view on the issue of opencast cyanide mining at Roșia Montană, România. Visit the Hub and learn about the Toxic Gold March in Copenhagen on the same site. Continue reading

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Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

FlatlandThere are so many aspects of this book, it’s difficult not to find something inspiring in it.

The first half takes the reader through this amazing bi-dimensional land where the very laws of the Universe are different. The guide is a square who takes his time in describing the climate and physics of the world, the people and their perception of this world and the society that has formed in such distinct conditions.

The challenge for the reader is to comprehend the abstraction of a world that can fit on a piece of paper, but can neither rise above it nor sink below it. It is a book I wish I would have read as a child, right after my first geometry lessons. Continue reading

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